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OECD tax deal on the global minimum tax rate

OECD tax deal on the global minimum tax rate 

Cyprus welcomes the agreement reached by the G20 on October 8th 2021, marking the long-term efforts to create fair and healthy competition at global level and to safeguard the tax bases and public revenues of the economies. 

Cyprus is not in a position to take part in the global consultations that take place at this level since it is not a member of the OECD nor of the Inclusive Framework due to objections of a member country of the Organisation. Therefore Cyprus is not included in the list of member countries of the OECD-Inclusive Framework. Cyprus Ministry of Finance is nevertheless in line with the principles governing the two-pillar plan, as set out in yesterday's statement issued by the OECD, which will be finalised at the G20 meeting on 13 October, 2021.

Cyprus authorities are excpecting the final outcome of the discussions that will take place at the G20 meeting, which will form the basis for the development of the corresponding European legislative initiatives in 2022. 

In particular, the Ministry of Finance supports the achievement of the agreement and will work constructively by actively participating in the competent EU committees for the establishment of the legislative framework that will provide for the introduction of the global corporate tax rate of 15%, thus ensuring a healthy framework of competition and fair taxation. 

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