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Directorate of Budget and Fiscal Control

Head of Directorate: Marios Hadjidamianou

The responsibilities of the Budget Directorate and Fiscal Control are specified in the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus and the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Systems Law [Νo.20(Ι)/2014]. These include, inter alia, the following:

  • Preparation and implementation of the annual Government Budget and the Medium-Term Fiscal Framework, according to the Strategic Framework for Fiscal Policy.
  • Approval of the Budget for public legal entities, local authorities, sewage councils and school committees and guidance throughout their implementation.
  • Coordination and preparation of the annual Fiscal Risks Statement (Article 58, Νo.20(Ι)/2014).
  • Implementation of the public financial management reform, which includes the following:

       - Providing support to the various Ministries, Deputy Ministries, Independent Authorities on their Strategic Planning, which aims at the preparation of the activities-based budget.

       -  Αctive participation in the design of the new government software, namely «Enterprise Resource Planning» (ERP) system, in cooperation with the Government Treasury and other government services.

        -  Participation in the redesigning of the new Chart of Accounts.

  • Topics related to EU Budget and participation in the relevant Working Groups of the EU, such as the Budget Committee, Own Recourses Working Group, Multiannual financial framework of the EU, Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) for budget issues.
  • Examination of applications for new loans required by local authorities (in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior) and by public legal entities.
  • Supervision of the Government Purchases and Supply Service.

Contact person:

Mrs.Niki Stylianou
Telephone number: 22601132
Email: nstylianou@mof.gov.cy

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