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Control Unit


The Internal Control Unit of the Ministry of Finance was established and operates as from 28.5.2014 on the basis of specific guidelines set in the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 76.025 of 11.6.2013. According to the provisions of the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 75.481 of 10.07.2013 (Control Mechanisms of the Public Sector) and Article 80 (2) of the Law which provides for the Fiscal Responsibility and Financial Framework (N.20 (I) / 2014), the Unit reports directly and is accountable to the Minister Finance. 


The Internal Control Unit conducts mainly «control» in the Ministry of Finance (Administration and Departments / Services that fall under its jurisdiction), in an effort to ensure that the necessary internal controls are in place. However, it may also conduct “internal audit” (Law 20 (I) / 2014), which continues to be the responsibility of the Internal Audit Service of the Republic. The Unit acts as an important "tool" in the hands of the Minister for controlling / monitoring the performance level of his Ministry. In this context, the Unit’s role is advisory to the Minister, providing him with assistance in improving the operations of the Ministry and in ensuring the achievement of its strategic goals. The main responsibilities of the Internal Control Unit, as specified by the Minister Finance include: 

- Carrying out preventive as well as repressive management, financial and administrative audits / checks, to ensure the proper, efficient and effective functioning of the Ministry of Finance (Administration and Departments) and the submission of relevant reports. 

- Conducting studies on various issues (horizontal or relating to a particular Department), monitoring compliance with the findings of second and third level audits carried out by the Internal Audit Service and the Auditor General respectively, in cooperation with these Services. 

- Investigating complaints or specific issues as instructed by the Minister of Finance. 

  • Monitoring various matters assigned to the Unit by the Minister, to ensure adherence to the legal framework governing the operation of civil service, including among others, public procurement procedures and the general principles of good governance and making suggestions for simplifications / modernization / establishment of new processes where necessary. 


Theodoros Hadjidemetriou (Head of Unit) 

tel: 22601241

e-mail: THadjidemetriou@mof.gov.cy



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