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Directorate of international financial institutions and financial management of Central Government

Economic Director: Kyriakos Kakouris  

This directorate is responsible for the following topics: 

  •  The planning, coordination, supervision and monitoring of development projects financed from European and International financial institutions. 
  • The handling of all the topics concerning the representation and participation of Cyprus, the Government’s and the Ministry’s relations with International financial and Developmental Organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the European Investment Bank, the Council of Europe Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc. 
  • The participation in the formulation of economic policy for foreign investments in Cyprus. 
  • Examination of the economic criteria for granting citizenship to foreign investors according to the criteria of the Ministers of Council dated 19.3.2014.  
  • Annual Report of The Auditor General - Mínistry of Finance. 
  • Participation in the Technical committee of determining and revising all fees for the services provided by economic agencies and special funds.  
  • Tender Board of the Ministry of Finance  
  • Motor accidents for which the Department of Public Works is responsible
  • Appeals against the Republic of Cyprus that are sent from the General Attorney to the Ministry of Finance for approval (extrajudical settlement issues).  
  • Hierarchical Law Suits against the Decisions of the Guardian Management of Turkish- Cypriot Property 
  • Objections to land expropriation for public use 
  • Administrative and Personnel Issues regarding the Ministry of Finance  
  • Management of Issues emerging from Regulations of Government Supplies (Donations to non- government organisations, write off of old and obsolete stocsk, etch.) 
  • Donations to the Government from private Organisations 
  • Granting Approvals for Renting of Embassies and Ambassador Housing of Abroad.
  • Issues regarding Betting and games of Chance
  • Requests from Institutions to be acknowledged as charitable institutions.
  • Certified Innovative Enterprises


Contact Information 

Contact person: Ms Elisavet Kyriacou 

Tel.: +357 22601173 

E-mail: ekyriacou@mof.gov.cy

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