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Directorate of Financial Stability


Head Economic Director: George Panteli 

The main mission of the Directorate of Investment and Finance is the responsibility for promoting all the relevant legislation for the regulation of the financial sector, the support of the efforts for the attraction of direct foreign investments in Cyprus, as well all the handling of all the subjects that concern the participation of Cyprus in international financial institutions. 

The Directorate of Investment and Finance is responsible for:  

  • The follow up of matters that involve the Central Bank Of Cyprus (monetary policy, the fluctuation of the interest rates, exchange rate) and generally the banking sector. 
  • The handling of topics related to the capital market, the provident funds, the banking sector and the relations between the Government and financial institutions both at home and abroad.  
  • The promotion of new legislation and amendments to existing legislation, aiming at further development of the capital market and the smooth functioning of the Cyprus Stock Market and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. 
  • The participation in the drafting process and the undertaking of the public consultation process of the laws concerning the financial sector. 
  • The conduct of technoeconomic studies, the monitoring of the financial status and the granting of guarantee agreements to Cyprus Airways, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, the Cyprus Ports Authority and the local authorities. 
  • The handling of the portfolio of the government shares in public companies either listed or not listed in the Cyprus Stock Market. 
  • The handling of all the topics concerning the representation and participation of Cyprus, the Government’s and the Ministry’s relations with International financial and Developmental Organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the European Investment Bank, the Council of Europe Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc. 
  • The follow up, and negotiation of Agreements between the Republic of Cyprus and other countries concerning the Protection and Promotion of Foreign Investments. 
  • The representation in different committees that aim at formulating economic policy, like the consultations with the International Monetary Fund and the participation in a number of committees and working groups at EU level. 
  • The active participation in the meetings with international credit rating agencies. 
  • The support of the efforts for attracting foreign direct investment in Cyprus. 

Contact Information 

Eleftheria Iosifidou 

Tel.: +357 22601172 

Fax: +357 22602748 

Email: eiosifidou@mof.gov.cy 


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